Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Weekend

I know I know, I am a week behind on the times.  Better late than never huh?  Easter this year was a great time.  Grandma and Grandpa G came up form Florida to visit over Easter, and it was great to spend some time with them.  The kids really took up with them.  They painted Easter eggs together, Caleb and Grandpa loved playing the Kindle train game, and the kids made sure they gave them kisses goodnight each night.

On Saturday we got up and ready, and I got the kids all excited about going to an egg hunt.  The egg hunt was suppose to start at 12, and when we arrived at 11:55 ALL the eggs were gone!! There were so many people there, and it ended up being a complete bust.  We did take the time to play in the park for a bit, but the kids were unable to hunt for any eggs.  Thankfully the day was gorgeous so we spent some time outside playing with the new toys Meemaw and Paw got them for their Easter basket this year.

Sunday morning was a little rush rush.  The kids awoke to find their Easter baskets, and had fun playing with those. Kinlee was more interested in her snacks than her toys. Caleb was ecstatic about his purple and orange ninja turtles!

I attempted a few shots of them before church, but that was a fail.  We did not get a single picture of them together, looking at the camera.  Oh well, such is life with a 2 and 3 year old.

After church the R clan came over for Easter celebrations.  Caleb had a blast playing with his cousins, and the kids were able to hunt eggs!! Kinlee really enjoyed this activity once she caught on.  Caleb was an old pro.

After egg hunting we counted and sorted the money from their eggs, and just hung out with family.  Caleb was so excited that Tony was home for the day, and did not let him out of his sight for too long.  He misses him when he is at college.


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The Rogers Family said...

love the pics! Your kids are precious!