Saturday, March 9, 2013


So despite our best efforts the flu has hit our family.  Daily one after another members of our household are dropping like flies.  My Mother-In-Law, Hubby, Mckinlee, my Father-in-law........I feel like it is a ticking time bomb, and I will inevitably get sick.  I keep saying if I catch it we will all fall apart.

Mckinlee was diagnosed yesterday. Poor girl can never just have one illness at a time. She was diagnosed with a double ear infection this past Monday, and by Friday we were at the doctor again with the flu.  I swear every member of our doctor's office knows everything about my children.  We have been there that many times this winter.  I'm OVER IT!

The flu was a bad enough diagnosis, considering both my kids had their flu shots....(is there even a point?).  The pharmacy was another piece of bad news when I realized that Tamiflu was not covered by my insurance and it was crazy expensive.  They first quoted me at 80 dollars but due to Kinlee's tiny size it ended up being 55.  Still ridiculous. The other piece of bad news is that it tastes terrible, and she can't keep it down.  That was 55 dollars wasted....does Walgreens refund? :).  I read up on it and Tamiflu really only shortens the length of the flu by a day or so, and does not help the it's basically pointless. I wish I would have read that before I purchased it.

Nick, my mother-in-law and father-in-law were super sick today.  I left Kinlee with them this morning and took Caleb to his basketball pictures and game.  We tried to stay clear of the house for a while by going to lunch and the grocery store.  While we were at the store Caleb pretended the car cart was a police car, and he was the police man of the grocery.  Randomly he would jump out and say "I have to get that bad guy".  He also had to pick out food that police guys like.  He loved the organic section and picked some healthy cereal.  He also turned down Captain Crunch Oops All Berries for Mini Wheats with no frosting....Good Boy.  I had a few surprise items at checkout that he had stashed in his police car, but nothing too off the wall.

We returned home to house full of miserable people.  I snuggled Kinlee for nap, and afterward cooked a huge pot of chicken and rice soup for all the sickies.  I figured if I get sick in a couple of days we will have food back stocked to survive on.  Please oh Please oh Please do not let me get sick.

Say a prayer for our household.  Windows were opened today to get some of the germs out, and I have lysoled and Cloroxed everything......fingers crossed.

I'm adding a few cute pics of the kids from our snow day on Wednesday, before the sickness struck. This post needs a ray of sunshine.


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