Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I am going to be 100% real and honest today, and it may not be pretty.  However, I need to vent, and I need to be real.  My patience today with the kids is SHOT.  Literally I am on my last string.  I hate days like that.  I hate how up and down my emotions are on hard days like this.  One hour the kids are awful, and then they calm down and I feel as though I can breathe, and then they do not nap, and my patience is gone again. Ugh.  The joys of parenting huh? The good, the bad and the ugly.  It sure is ugly today in my house.  My attitude is ugly, my house is ugly and messy, there is a construction zone in my kitchen, and it is rainy out.  Could I complain anymore....?? I mean it is kind of ironic that my last post was on praising the bad times, but a blog isn't interesting unless it is real.  I also want to be real on here so when my kids look back at this one day, they will realize that even their mama had bad days.

Mckinlee is wearing me thin right now. Girlfriend is getting brattier and brattier by the day, and I know it is time for me to step in.  She is at the age where she thinks she can get anything she wants by screaming, and it HAS to STOP!! This morning she and I had a 1 hour Super Nanny timeout battle.  I thought I was going to loose it.  It all started when I gave her Lucky Charms for breakfast, a rare treat for her. Well, she decided that it was more fun to eat all the marshmallows,  leave the rest of the cereal and then cry for More.  When I would say no, she would sling her bowl (which spilled cereal everywhere), and scream.  After 3 times I had enough.  I put her in time out, she would run and scream, I would place her back in timeout, she would scream and kick......for an HOUR!! I almost lost it!! Finally she sat.........girlfriend is strong willed!!

It is so hard for me to start disciplining Mckinlee, because I still think of her as a baby. However, half the stuff she pulls would not have happened when Caleb was her age, and I know that I have to start disciplining hard core.  She needs boundaries, she needs rules, and I have to start following through. This process is so tiring and tests my patience so much.  I just have to remind myself that it is for her good, and mine one day.

We were able to break away from the awful morning and enjoy a fun lunch with the Pickett's. We then headed to gymnastics open gym, and the kids had a blast playing.  I praise God for the good moments in the midst of hard days.  I will be praying hard for patience in parenting, and hopefully it will get better.



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The Traveling Wife and Mommy said...

Its so refreshing to see other moms this way. Where I am from you keep your complaints about mother hood to yourself and barely tell your spouse. However I was not built in that mold and let my emotions fly!! Sorry its a hard day, prayers for a better evening!!!
Traveling wife and mommy