Tuesday, March 19, 2013


This past weekend Hudson had his 4th birthday party.  Caleb had been excited about Hudson's party for weeks now.  His party was a Superhero theme, and Caleb wanted to be Spiderman.  I had to order a Spiderman costume last minute, and then it looked like it would not be in on time, so we picked one up at Party City. I planned to return the 2nd one, but Mckinlee fell in love with it, so she got to be Spiderman as well.

I was so worried that Caleb would catch the flu, and would not be able to attend the party.  Praise the Lord he remained healthy, and he and Kinlee had a wonderful time.  The party was at Jumpzone, so the kids were all over the place.  Nick came with me, so I actually got to sit and chit chat with friends while he ran all over with the kids.  My mother in law girly'd Kinlee's outfit up by adding ruffles to the back.  I do not have a great pic of it, but it was adorable.



Tammy said...

I love the ruffles added to Mckinlee's spiderman outfit! Too cute! And that's SO nice to have the hubby along so you can enjoy yourself a little bit. Believe me, I know that all too well!

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