Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Caleb 3 1/2 Years


My sweet boy. Let me begin this letter by telling you how absolutely perfect you are.  You bring me so much joy daily, and I love your sweet, shy, kind personality.  You have such a heart, and I am so thankful for that. You are now 3 1/2 years old.  That seems so old.  You are getting so big, and time feels as though it is slipping through my fingers.

You are going to school 2 days a week now, and you love it.  You are really coming out of your shell, and learning so much.  You amaze me daily with what you know and remember. In addition to preschool you go to "Big School" aka Awana one night a week.  You are still very shy there but seem to enjoy it.  You are also playing in your very first sports league right now, basketball.  It started out a little rough, but you have pretty much taken to it now. You have your moments where you are uninterested, but it is cute to watch you participate.  You are also in speech one day a week.  We have a lady who comes to our home to work with you, and you seem to be making improvements.  You talk our ears off, and your words are becoming more and more clear every day.

You are all boy right now. Cars, super heroes, tools, guns.  You are constantly wanting me to play Spiderman with you, or help you build a house etc.  You are so cute.  You also have a sweet side of dramatic play that is really starting to come out.  You practical life skills of playing with babies, cooking, and going to grocery are some of your favorite activities as well.  In our dramatic play area we have a basket set up with a diaper, fake powder, lotion, books, and a bottle.  You like to diaper your baby, put lotion on it, and snuggle it in the rocking chair while feeding it and reading a bedtime story. So sweet.

You love you sister, and you already look out for her. According to you she is not allowed to date and any boy who tries to date her you will fight.  You look out for her all the time, but also fight with her like crazy.  You two definitely have a love hate relationship.  One day I came out of my room and I didn't see Kinlee. I asked if you knew where she was and you said "Mommy I have her". I came into the living room to find you and her snuggled under a blanket in the chair together. You had your arm around her and were rubbing her head.  So cute! You are so funny when she has her outbursts of tantrums. You just look at me with a little side smirk and shake your head. I will ask you "What are we going to do with her" and you'll say  "pshh I don't know, she's crazy" haha.

I really need to start writing down all your quotes because you crack me up daily.  However, as I sit here to write this post I can not think of any specific quote to write about.....

Yesterday a seat broke off one of your cars.  You were trying to fix it, but couldn't. You ran into the play area and came back with a flashlight and a tool.....(so your father's child).

You are so wonderful and sweet and perfect and wild and loving and calm and crazy all rolled into one.  You have me wrapped around your finger, and you know it. You are obsessed with getting big right now. You always tell me that you are growing up and pretty soon your hands will match daddy's.  :)

You have "quiet time" now during nap time. Some days you nap some days you do not. We bought a kindle for you and added a bunch of educational and fun apps and you generally play that throughout nap. Some days you will pick different toys to take in your room with you instead.  You are getting better at staying in your room unless you have to go potty.  You know to watch for the 3 on the kindle and then you can get up.  You have learned so much from this time of learning and playing on your own.

You are so perfect my sweet boy. I love you so much!



The Rogers Family said...

What a cutie! I love keeping up with blog is going private because of my drama filled mother in law, but you can email me at and I will add your email address

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