Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The past 2 Weeks

So life has been busy the past few weeks.  I had a large bridal show for my company a couple of weekends ago, and it literally took all of my time.  It is over now, and I am feeling like we are getting back to normal.  The bridal show was crazy busy, and we had a lot of prospective clients.  Fingers crossed that it becomes a success! If you know someone getting married this year, please send them here to learn more about the package we are promoting.

Recently we have attended 2 parties at Caleb's preschool.  The first was a pj and pizza party, and the second was his Valentines party.  He is so cute with his little friends, and I just love watching him interact.

We have been attending a local open gym at a gymnastics location near us every Wednesday.  The kids LOVE it!! Last week it randomly started snowing before we left home so afterward, the kids enjoyed having a snowball fight. Caleb was such a typical male in this picture.  We asked them to pose and as Presley was smiling he threw a snowball in her face.  Kinlee loved this as well, but would not stay put for a picture.

We have spent a lot of time with this little family lately. The kids love each other so much.

We also had a boy play date with friends yesterday.  The boys enjoyed playing super heroes and fighting off monsters while little miss preferred to sit and "talk" with the mamas.

Last weekend was my birthday and my husband surprised me with the best present ever!! He took me to dinner at Chuy's (my choice) Friday night, and then we headed to a local hotel for a relaxing staycation.  I was able to stay in bed ALL DAY Saturday, watch Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, sleep, and eat room service!! It was heavenly!!

The kids loved visiting baby Logan for the first time. I loved getting in some sweet newborn snuggles.  Please remember to keep his twin Landon in your prayers, as he is still in the hospital.

This was the last picture of Caleb with his beloved binky.  He gave it up about two weeks ago for good!

We spent Kinlee's actual birthday at the Museum. The kids had a blast as usual!


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