Monday, February 4, 2013

Mckinlee's 2-Tu Fabulous Birthday Party (Decor)

This past Friday we celebrated bundle's 2nd birthday.  She is not technically 2 until  Wednesday so I am holding onto my last few days of calling her my 1 year old.  This year we did things a little different and planned a party at a location other than a home.  I have had the theme (2-Tu Fabulous) picked out since before she was born.  I always dreamed of it being over the top girly, but since we were having it at a location outside of our home, and since most of her friends are boys plans changed a little bit.

We had the party at Otterville, and I booked the fire truck room.  The fire truck room is huge, and it has 2 real fire trucks in it.  The kids are allowed to dress up like firemen, and play with the lights, drive the trucks etc.  I knew it would be a huge hit.  I did not want to give up my 2-Tu theme, even though the location was a bit boyish.  I decided to go with a teal and red color scheme to pull it all together and I loved how it turned out.  I decorated very minimally since it was on location this year.

The room had 3 rectangle kids tables, and I knew that I wanted to cover them all, and make centerpieces.  I bought 3 white flat sheets from Wal Mart for 4 dollars a piece and used those as the tablecloths.  Very cheap way to have floor length linens for a kids table.  I then purchased 3 yards of teal tulle to use as an overlay.  We did not need the full 3 yards, so we used the excess for the runner on the adult table, and food table. (The teal was a lot more noticeable in person, than in photographs)

The centerpieces for the kids table were inspired by this pin.  The pin did not come with directions so my mother in law and I just winged it.  I purchased a few rolls of tulle from Hobby Lobby for 1.50 a piece, 2 Styrofoam cones, and we used left over ribbon from Caleb's 2nd birthday.  I thought the end result was very cute.  We went into it blind not knowing what to expect, and I loved the way they turned out.

The end of the kids table was devoted to gifts and favor bags. I purchased the red basket at Target in their dollar section.  It needed a little fluff so it was tu-tu-fied.  The favor bags were left over from Caleb's 2nd birthday, and the tags were compliments of this pin, and matched her invites.

The adult table was kept very simplistic as well.  It's centerpiece was the cupcake stand, that we tu-tu-fied as well.  I loved how this came out!!! It is going to look so bare when we remove all the tulle.

We used leftover teal and red tulle to create a runner to add a little extra girly fluff to the tables.

The table cloths were actually plastic table cloths.  I always hate how the cheap plastic ones are not floor length, but my mother in law came up with a brilliant idea. For each table we used 2 $1.00 plastic table cloths.  We lined them up on the table until they hit the floor on each side, and we then used double sided tape to connect them.  Badda Bing Badda Boom, cheap, floor length table cloths.

(Kinlee's red tutu was at the end of this table in the pic. It was not part of the table decor) 

That was the extent of the party decor.  It was simple, in theme, and coordinated well with the fire truck room.



Tammy said...

Oh my goodness! You guys really pulled it together and the decorations turned out awesome!! Are you for hire?? LOVE the teal + red combo!

Mica said...

So cute! The more tulle the better! is kinda my life motto with a little girl :) I didn't know Totter's had those rooms - so fun! Enjoy her last day being 1!!

Sarah Gardella said...

Thanks girls, and yes Tammy I am do hire haha.

Mica, the room is in the main back and was only 25 more dollars than the other party rooms

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