Thursday, January 24, 2013

We are Surviving

This week has been a doosie ?(I don't know if that is the correct spelling?). Sickness has hit us and hit us hard. It all started last Thursday when Caleb was diagnosed with pneumonia. Lucky for us we caught it early and after a day his fever stopped and he was back to normal.  Saturday night Kinlee woke up vomiting.  I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but Kinlee is a puker.  Anytime she is sick she pukes, and it is always the middle of the night. Any who, she puked 2 times Saturday night, and was running a fever all day Sunday.  I just knew it was the flu.  Monday I took her to the doctor (We couldn't get in with ours so we saw one of his partners), and explained that she was running a fever, had not vomited in 24 hours, and was not playing.  She also had a runny nose and cough. He tested her for the flu and it was negative but diagnosed her with pneumonia as well.  He prescribed amoxicillan and said to bring her back in if she got any worse.  Worse she got.

 Monday night she just sat there with a blank stare, high fever, and was pitiful.  After her Motrin kicked in she did play a little in the bath which was a plus.  That night she did not sleep well, and the next morning she was still very pitiful.  I decided to take her back in and thank God we got to see our doctor.  I love him so much because he checks anything and everything that could be wrong before diagnosing her. He took one look at her and said I think she has RSV.  The RSV test confirmed his theory, and he said that her test literally turned positive as soon as they took it.  So Kinlee was diagnosed with viral pneumonia and viral RSV.  Key word being VIRAL. I hate that word.  It is so frustrating as a parent to know your kids are sick, but not have any medicine that will kill the Virus.  He did a pulse ox, and breathing test, and said that she was right on the borderline range of being hospitalized.  He wanted me to go home that night, give her as much fluids as she would take and then come back tomorrow.  He informed me that if she got any worse to take her straight to Children's Hospital where they would give her IV fluid, and oxygen.  Talk about scary.  So, we went home, and I watched her breathing like a hawk.  She slept well that night, but I didn't because I was constantly checking on her.  She woke up around 5 am and continued to wake every 30 minutes until we got up for the day.  That morning she was still blah so we went back to the doctor that afternoon.  He did all the tests from the previous day again, and said that she wasn't better but not worse.  He said the crackle in her chest sounded a tiny bit better than the day before.  We were still on the ledge of being hospitalized, but since she did not get worse he sent me home with the same orders.

Fast forward to today...she is a brand new child.  She ran a fever last night and I gave her some motrin, today she is playing, is not running a fever, and is eating!! HALLELUJAH!! We checked in with the doctor today, and he said that she is on the mend!!! He told me to check in on Saturday with him unless she gets bad again. The cough she has will linger for a few weeks he said, but as long as she doesn't have a fever to go with it there is nothing to worry about.  He said the cough will eventually break down and disappear it just takes a while with RSV.

I have to brag a little on my doctor. I have always loved him.  He is one who KNOWS his patients.  He always remembers what is going on with them, and will sit and talk to you for as long as you need.  He never  medicates unless he knows for sure what is wrong, and will run every test under the moon until he can give you a definitive answer.  I love that.  I love that he cares.  My friend took her son into the office today and he was diagnosed with an ear infection.  Our Doctor said "Poor boy has had a rough January. 2 ear infections and the flu." My friend said "Yes, but not as bad as Mckinlee".  The doctor then stated "No no one has had as bad of a week as poor Mckinlee".  I absolutely love that he has compassion for his patients, and remembers what is going on with them.  I swear I will not know what to do when he retires.  He is one in a million. If you are in my area and need a good doctor referral message me.   

I am so thankful for all who prayed and showed support during this awful week.  Even though my child was sick, I am so thankful that she had a sickness that she recovered from, and that we did not end up in the hospital.

Pics from this week spent AT HOME!! I am going a little stir crazy....

My sick girl.  I said that you know your baby is sick when you take them to the doctor looking like this.  Christmas jammies stained with Gatorade, messy face, and unbrushed, crazy hair from winter hat. 

  We did a lot of cuddling

Caleb is fine in all of this.  This is how he decided to fall asleep last night.  Notice that he does not have his binky......yea we are working on that one, and I will share a post soon.

I pulled in the water table today, and filled it with red rice, cars, cups, and spoons.  1 hour and counting of entertainment.  



mel @ the larson lingo said...

Oh, I feel your pain with sick kids! All 3 of mine were sick last week, including my 5 month old. So sad!! Hope this week is better!

Mica said...

Tried to leave a comment last week but my phone wouldn't let me... it's so scary when kids are that sick :( Hope everyone's back to health now!!
And you and your water table ideas - always genius!
(And sure! about the guest post, did you have a day in mind? I can't remember the last pin-tivity we've done, I'll have to get searching for a good one!)

Tammy said...

Glad everyone is finally doing better...I was worried for poor little Mckinlee! We've had the sickies too -- for far too long, so I feel ya on being couped up and going stir crazy!