Monday, January 7, 2013


I am almost done catching up from last year!!! Thank goodness. Blogging is not as much fun when you are playing catch up.

Christmas morning the kids awoke to find goodies from Santa.  Caleb received tons of cars, an army tank, and the items below.  Santa scored almost all of his goodies at a consignment sale.  3 dollars for skateboard, 10 dollars for the bike and helmet!! Unfortunately, leading up to Christmas he told us he wanted 5 bikes. A blue, green, orange, yellow and white one.  Santa had to tell him that he only brought one bike.  We thought about having Santa spray paint his Spiderman bike, but we decided to take the chance.  He mentioned a few times that he didn't want a Spiderman one, and that Santa should take it back and give it to another kid.....however, now he loves it.

Kinlee was handed down my old dollhouse, received some dolls and accessories, and we also bought both kids a kitchen.

christmas presents

After we played downstairs we headed up to celebrate with my inlaws.  The kids were sure to check Santa's plate at the fireplace.  They were then super excited to open their "Big One" present.  It was a trampoline, and the kids are loving it.  They were also gifted lots of other great gifts.

After presents we took the annual photo infront of the tree, ate breakfast, and relaxed.  I had to do some organizing on Christmas Day because the clutter was out of control.  However, we spent a lot of time just enjoying each other as a family.  Nick took Caleb outside to ride his car for a while, and Kinlee and I played kitchen inside. It was a great Christmas.


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