Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Getting Back to the Grind

I am truly making an attempt to start blogging daily/every other day.  I prefer to not play catch up and I really want to document our lives.

Today was a busy day.  Last night Nick went to his grandpa's to watch the game so I had the kids to myself.  They both decided they were going to fight sleeping last night! Caleb came up with every excuse in the world to get out of bed, and finally I had to lay down the law.  I spent most of my evening trying to get some work done for my upcoming Bridal shows, and then once I laid down to go to bed I could not sleep.  Ugh. I hate that.  I am always so tired but for some reason my mind will not shut off before 1 am most nights.  I read a lot of Bloom, by Kelle Hampton, until I was tired.  Love that book FYI!  Of course, as soon as I fell asleep Kinlee woke up crying....repeat that process for the next five hours. I do not know what was up with her last night.  Needless to say I skipped my morning BNI meeting.  I was to tired and 7:15 was way to early.

We woke up at 8:45 and I had to have Caleb ready to leave for school by 9.  Talk about rushing.  He was in a mood because he stayed up so late, so my morning consisted of a lot of crying, snuggling, and rushing combined.  Once Nick took him, I had to get myself and Kinlee fed and ready because I had a 10:30 meeting to design flyers for the upcoming bridal shows.

Kinlee actually did great at the meeting. She colored on some paper, and pushed some rolling chairs around. Lucky for us the company is family, so they didn't seem to mind her running around too much.  Immediately after the meeting it was time to pick up Caleb from school, so I did not have time to feed Kinlee.  I decided to take the kids to Big Boy for an after school lunch, and the lunch date was actually very relaxing.  Caleb told me lots of stories about school, and demonstrated how he would walk when he got old.  He told me that is how Grammy walks :).  Kinlee spent most of the lunch date stuffing her face as if she was starved to death., and would randomly throw in her favorite words "daddy, Bella, Pa, work, Brother, School".  I love one year old babble.

The kids are now napping away, and I am stressing about all the things I did not check off my to do list today.  I have so much to do to get ready for February business wise, and I am trying to find the balance.  I know I will get there I just hate the process.  I have no idea what we are going to have for dinner, and a trip to the grocery needs to be in my immediate future....yuck! All in all it has been a happy Tuesday though.

Pictures from the past few days.  I do not have a post to go with them, but I want them for my record!

Date day with mommy.  I caved and paid for the train at the mall.   
 My silly tink playing dress up.  Have I mentioned she is all girl? 

 How I spent 2 hours of my life the other day.  Loved it!! 
 My first baby looked like a puppy again after being groomed. 



Mica said...

Why oh why do they always make it so hard when daddy's are away?! I feel ya. And you may have been the final straw to get me to read Bloom :)
And as a random side note- do you like your trampoline (in background sorry)? And if so what kind is it? I've been eyeing the My 1st Trampoline on amazon for Ellery's bday.

Tammy said...

I look forward to the day when I can take both kids to a restaurant (alone!) and have it be relaxing, lol! I don't know how you do it all with a business on top of it too! You're superwoman!