Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Typical Day Wednesday

I have been following Kelly's Korner this week, and she has been doing daily posts to help her remember what her daily life with 2 young kids was like. I have loved reading them, and I thought I would do my own little post about our daily life as well.


Caleb woke me up at 4:40 this morning.  He can open his door now, and I could hear him walking through the hall saying "mom mom mom mom".  He came to my side of the bed, lifted his arms to me, and needless to say he slept in our room the rest of the night.

Around 5:50 bundle woke up, and I heard her talking to herself in her crib. I gave her a minute to see if she would fall back asleep, but she started to fuss. I went ahead and got her, brought her to our bed, and I fed her.  Caleb was still awake during this time, so I gave him my phone to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on while I nursed.

I had to get up early this morning to take my sister to the airport, so Nick stayed with the kids until I returned. We then blew up Caleb's pool, and filled it with water for the day.

I ate my breakfast, spent about 40 minutes trying to get little miss down for a nap. She is all about rolling and loosing her binky nowadays, and then Caleb and I headed out to swim.  Presley and Brit joined us for swimming and a picnic.

Toward the end of the play date 12:30ish Caleb was in melt down. He was so tired, so he went straight down for a nap. Just in time for bundle to wake up. 

I fed bundle, and then fed myself. I then played with little miss on the floor for a while.  She is all over the place now!  The blue/boy clothing is a typical around the house outfit for her. That is what she gets having an older brother. She rocks it though.

Mckinlee and I are now sitting at the computer desk blogging, because blogging is impossible once Caleb wakes up. 

After Caleb wakes up I will put Mckinlee down for a nap, probably play outside some more, and start dinner.  I think we are going to go swimming at my in laws after hubby gets off work. 

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