Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Caleb 22 Months

My sweet little man turned 22 months on the 4th, and I am just getting around to blogging about it.  22 whole months. Wow! 2 months away from 2!!! Didn't we just celebrate his first birthday??? This year has flown by!

Caleb at 22 months...

Eating:  You are obsessed with Goldfish! I mean obsessed! Strawberries and watermelon are also a favorite this month. 

Sleeping: We are at a new home, your big boy bed is placed on its tires (it was not before), and you are doing great.  You were a little iffy when we first moved, and you spent a few nights in our bed, but you are doing great now. You take one nap from around 1-3 and you go to bed around 9.  You have been waking up at 5 or 6, due to no curtains being hung in your room, but we fixed that and I am hoping you start sleeping in again.

Speech:  Your speech has really developed this month.  It seems as though you are adding new words daily. You still uhh and point a lot, but you are starting to really communicate now.  Your favorite thing to say is "mom da, da mom". It is adorable. You also still sign a lot. You have started saying the words "more", and "help" when you sign them now.

Size: You are wearing a size 5/6 shoe. Size 5 diaper. 18-2T clothing.

Exciting New Things:
  • You love to climb up and down the stairs and count "2.....2....A.....2....".
  • You know the letters O, A, and B.
  • You wake up and say "ma ma da da" when you are walking to your door.
  • You can open all doors now
  • You love to play with play dough, and to draw.
  • You love to drive your hands or your cars and say "Go Go Go".
  • You boss Bella by saying "GO!!".
  • You sign I love you.  You accidentally hit Mckinlee in the head this month, and you automatically signed sorry and I love you, and then you gave her a kiss.
  • You are really getting into the terrible twos :(
  • You are so silly now. You make us laugh constantly.
  • You head bang to all music.
  • You sign with Mickey Mouse when he says "say it with me..".
  • You love to "eat" from my nipple shields while I am feeding Mckinlee.
  • Everything is a hat now.

  • You make the funniest shy face.  It cracks me up.
  • You can draw an O
  • You say "bye and then blow a kiss".  You generally do this when you are pulling a bag behind you, or when you are riding in your car.
  • You are obsessed with Auntie K and Abby still.
  • You always hold out your arms for people in pictures to hold you.
  • You love to come lay in my bed, and you have to have dadas pillow. 
  • You are understanding the concept of time out now.
  • You love Presley Kate. You get so excited to play with her. 
  • You are learning to share. 
  • You love love love to play at parks. You are really impressing me with your climbing skills.

  • You are still scared of everything.  You do the "hurt/scared" sign about a million times a day.

  • You love the water.

I love you so much little man!

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