Monday, June 20, 2011

Hubby's Second Blog Post

Last Fathers Day I had Hubby type out his memory of Caleb's birth. I loved reading it, and having his memories down in writing. This year, I thought it was only necessary for him to do the same for miss Mckinlee.

Hubby's Memory of Mckinlee's birth: 

After Caleb came along I thought that I could never love anybody that much ever again.  Then my baby girl came into this world and I realized that that love could happen again.  This birth was different in the fact that we didn't know when Mckinlee was going to come, because with Caleb we had a set date.  When Sarah woke me early on that cold February morning it was a rush of adrenaline knowing it was time.  But we wanted just to make sure and did the timings of the contracts, which seemed like it took forever.  So we got the car loaded and when my mom showed up to watch Caleb we took off to the hospital.  After we arrived and got checked in the nurse came and checked on Sarah then told us we had to walk to halls.  That was the last thing I wanted to hear, because that meant that they might send us home.  So, needless to say i was not excited about the prospect of Mckinlee not being born on that day.  During that hour of walking I'm pretty sure my hands got a better work out than my legs did with all of the massages I gave Sarah.  We finally got back to the room and we were told that today would be the day, but that day would be longer than we thought.  Then the waiting began and we tried to pass the time any way we could.  I was even being yelled at for being tired just because I yawned, by Sarah.  At this point it really started to kick in that I was going to have two little tornado's running around the house destroying whatever had been put away, but i couldn't wait.  When the family arrived it helped to pass the time a little bit, but we were so tired that we both tried to sleep.  Unfortunately for Sarah that was a lot easier for me, because it wasn't like I was nine months pregnant, in pain, and having a baby or anything.  As she progressed the excitement grew in the room and then it was time for my little girl to join the family.  Sarah giving birth to Mckinlee was just as exciting and I had the same overwhelming feeling of happiness and joy that I had when Caleb was born.  It was like deja vu seeing her come out, being laid on Sarah's chest, then the whole process of cleaning, bathing, and the measurements.  But it didn't make it any less exciting the second time, because the love that I felt for Mckinlee was exactly the same.  During this time we came to realize that  she looked  exactly like Caleb and that was pretty wild.  Being able to hold my daughter for the first time really made realized the love that I have and will Always have for her.  Unlike with Caleb's birth after Mckinlee was born we took a hour before we let anybody in, which i really enjoyed it gave us time to really bond.  Then the parade really started, and did I mention that it was Superbowl Sunday.  Which don't get me wrong I enjoyed the birth of my child way more than sports.  But can you imagine watching the game while Sarah and her friends talk about things that no man should have to listen to.  Finally, my mom was able to bring Caleb up to the hospital to reunite our family which will always be one of my favorite memories.  He had his big brother t-shirt on and an I love you balloon with his big grin on his face hidden behind his Binky as he walked in the room.  While he was there everybody left for a while and it just the four of us in the room.  This is when we got our first taste of having two kids and reality really set in for the both of us.  After two days of little sleep and more nurse visits than I can remember we were told it was time to go home.  Even though we did have to wait 45 minutes for wheel chair to be brought up to the room.  Which meant we could start to get back to being a normal family.  Through all this I know that I have been given the best kids and a wife that is better than any man could dream of. 


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