Monday, June 13, 2011


We are still alive and well, barely.  Our house has been a busy one the last week or so.  It has been filled with a double ear infection, pink eye, a sick mama, and MOVING!! Yes, you read correctly.  We just finished moving on top of being sick.  I personally had a sinus/ear/throat infection which caused me to have no voice. Trying to take on a toddler, a sick baby, and instruct the moving process with no voice was one for the record books.  Thankfully we have so really great friends and family who helped us out!

The house is finally basically unpacked, donations have been sent to the veterans, and soon we will paint and decorate.  I am very excited to make this house feel like a home shortly. 

In the middle of all the "Fun" we have been having we attended my sister in law, Abby's, dance recital.  She did a fabulous job, and the little ones actually enjoyed themselves.  Caleb would clap with everyone, head bang to the music, and wave to the dancers on stage.  It was so adorable.  Little miss also did really well, considering it was after bedtime.  I kept making her dance to the music and she would smile so big.  They were so precious. 

We attempted pictures beforehand.  Once again Caleb was NOT in the mood. 
(The pictures were taken with my phone because we had no idea where the camera was. The quality is not that great).

I promise to be back to blogging soon. I have 2 new monthly posts to catch up on!!

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