Friday, January 30, 2009

Corny Facebook Forward


1. I am really excited/nervous/completely terrified to be pregnant and bring a baby into the world. However, at the same time it is the most amazing experience of all time.
2. I absolutely love my sisters, and I miss them so much
3. My dog Bella is my child....she really is a person to me it's pathetic
4. I miss my group from high school on a daily basis. Sometimes I just want to be sitting in Nick's room listening to Something Coorporate and napping. I am so happy with who we all have become
5. I really do feel like there are people who come into your life and forever shape who you are. It is possible to have a soul connection with a person and never loose that no matter what life throws at you.
6. I miss my KCU friends terribly. Dorm life really was a blast.
7. I adore scavenger hunts!
8. I am now living in Northern Kentucky, and I am still trying to talk my husband into moving south :)
9. I want to travel the world
10. I really really want my cousin Matt to recover. I can't not wait to talk to him again. I keep having dreams in which I have long conversations with him and then I wake up crying because they are not a reality yet.
11. Though we sometimes do not understand God's works I really still do believe that "ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD" Romans 8:28. I have quoted that verse my entire life
12. Fast food and caffiene are my weakness
13. I remember everything! I really do not forget anything that has ever happened to me
14. At times I feel as though I am to nice, and other times I feel as though I let anger get the best of me.
15. I still wanna change the world in some way (Suggestions welcome :))
16. I have a great husband who loves me with all of his heart.
17. I still regret dropping out of nursing school
18. I want my baby to be healthy, happy, know he/she is loved, and love the Lord
19. I am a daddy's girl and always have been
20. I really want to go sledding right now but I can't because I am pregnant
21. I love acting and I miss it terribly
22. I am excited to see the adventures that life has for me in the future
23. I truly feel that the best thing in life is to love and be loved in return
24. I miss sitting on lovers leap and talking about life. It truly is one of my favorite places of all time.
25. I love the moon with all of my heart. Don't forget to look at it and APPRECIATE IT!

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