Wednesday, January 7, 2009

9 weeks

These past few weeks have definetely proven to be more than I had originally bargained for. On Christmas Day around 4:15 my first cousin Matt was involved in a car accident in Pikeville. Nick and I were spending Christmas with his family, and therefore I did not learn the true details of the accident until about 8:30 that night. As soon as we found out that Matt had been air transported to Tennessee, Nick and I began traveling to be with the family at the hospital. Gratefully, he has surpassed all the doctors initial expectations and is continuing to improve daily. I can not wait until he is allowed to wake up, and we can talk to him once more, and encourage him through his recovery process.

Strangely throughout this situation there were times that I forgot that I was pregnant. The different emotions and thoughts were enough to keep me busy. However, everyone around me reminded me to "take care of that baby", and presented me with more than enough to eat constantly while at the hospital. We are home for this week, and are working, and next Tuesday is our first doctor visit. I am excited, and I hope the baby cooroperates so we can hear the heartbeat.

I had not been on my blog since the accident, and I was so excited to see that my baby now has fingers and toes. YAY! It is crazy how much they change week by week. I am kind of getting back to the point of waiting for the next week to come once again. During the holidays I was so distracted that the last two pregnancy weeks flew by. However, they seem to be slowing down once again.

I guess I am one of the lucky ones because I have not experienced morning sickness very much at all. I have experienced a little nausea, and I have had a few upset stomachs related to my prenatal vitamins. However, other than that I am still just tired, and I have an increased appetitie.

Please continue to keep Matt in all of your prayers.

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