Friday, January 30, 2009

Movie Night

So this week has been crazy with the snow storm. I was so lucky to get to play hookie with my husband yesturday and cuddle in bed. We don't get to do that very often, and I was so happy to have him with me during the day. Usually I am up for going somewhere on every weekend night, but I am actually excited about staying indoors tonight. I am waiting for Nick to get home with my craving of the night "Pizza Hut". It is so funny because Northern Kentucky has a lot of local pizza shops such as Snappy and La Rosa's etc, and Pizza Huts are not easy to find. I am more accustomed to Pizza Hut, Dominos etc. Anyways I sent Nick on a wild goose chase to find a pizza hut for tonight, and of course they do not deliver to our home. Therefore, my lovely husband is picking it up for us. Once he gets here I plan on cuddling on the couch, pigging out on pizza, and watching a movie. I could think of nothing better to do with my night. I sure do hope he gets here quick because I am starving.

This snow is out of control. I went back to work today, and to my surprise I learned that we are suppose to have another snow storm this weekend. They a predicting possibly a foot, according to one of my co workers. It is so crazy. The funny thing is Pikeville, my home town, has not been hit by the snow storm. For some reason it always seemed that Pikeville had a bubble over it because we never had any of the major storms.

As far as the baby goes, he/she is definetely growing. I swear I feel bigger and bigger everyday. I just want to really show so people stop telling me it is all in my mind. It is definetely not in my mind, because my pants do not fit at all! The baby actually woke me up last night, well kind of. I woke up starving at 5 am, and I could not go back to sleep. I don't think I have ever been so hungry. I need to start keeping snacks on my nightstand apparantely. According to books I have read they say that mothers carrying boys have a huge increased appetite, and I can say that is definetely true with me. We will see in a few weeks if my motherly instinct that I am having a boy proves true.

Please continue to pray for my cousin Matt, and for the health of the little baby growing inside of me.

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