Thursday, March 13, 2014

Paxton One Month

I can't believe that as of today my sweet bitty baby is one month old.  This landmark in time never gets easier.  I can remember vividly when both of my other two turned one month old.  The sting, and realization that they are growing up never eases.....sigh.  I guess that is life huh? 

Paxton is still the easiest baby ever.  I though Caleb was easy, but this little mister may have his big brother beat.  He is the definition of chill, laid back, go with the flow... and perfection.  I may be bias but he is awesome, and handsome, and well Perfect :).  Okay, I will stop bragging about my wonderful baby now, because is there is one thing I have learned in motherhood it is to never act like you have it all figured out.  So, FOR NOW, he is easy. I pray every day that he will stay that way. 

Paxton at One Month:

Eating:  You nurse generally every 3-4 hours.  You had one night during your growth spurt where you cluster fed, but that has not been a norm for you.  You generally only nurse off one side per feeding.  We have had to watch your gas because you spit up a bit if we do not make sure you burp.  I am hoping we can avoid reflux with you. 

Sleeping:  Let me just say you are an amazing sleeper (KNOCK ON WOOD).  You have even slept through the night once. 8 hours.  Last night you only woke up one time to eat, and then I laid you back down still awake, and you went to sleep on your own.  We have been trying to get you to fall asleep on your own only for bedtime.  Daddy and I snuggle you basically the entire day until then.  You are doing pretty well with it.  You still sleep propped on your boppy, and you like to be swaddled as long as your arms are out.  (Just like you big brother and sister).

Size:  I do not know how much you weigh.  I would guess at least 10 lbs.  You have outgrown almost all of your newborn clothes, and are mostly wearing 0-3 now. I may have shed a tear over this.  You seem long to me. 

Exciting New Things:
  • You are more alert during the day now.
  • You have smiled a few times in response to me.
  • You have a love hate relationship with your baths
  • Your head control is amazing. You have been raising your head since birth, but you will raise up and look around all the time now. 
  • You love to fall asleep in the bend of daddy's arm.
  • You love your mommy the most :)
I love you sweet baby!!


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