Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mckinlee Turns Three

In the midst of the crazy month of February, my sweet Mckinlee turned three.  Le Sigh.... We celebrated early at Great Wolf Lodge, just in case Paxton made an early arrival.  She had a blast, and so did we.  My dad and his girlfriend/her family came  in to celebrate with us.  We reserved a room that had a cabin in it for the kids, and that was a huge hit.  After our first day at the water park we celebrated Mckinlee's birthday in our room with cupcakes, gifts, and pin the tail on the donkey. 

On the eve of her birthday we took her to Toys R Us to pick some presents.  She of course wanted the entire store, and we had to narrow down her choices.  We then ventured to Chuck-E-Cheese for some more fun. 

Her actual birthday she woke up to balloons everywhere, and a birthday muffin (complete with candles).  I took her to the mall to get her nails done, and she loved it.  We then played, ate, and rode the carousel.  That night we went to my in laws to celebrate with cake and presents. 

She seemed to have had a great birthday, even without a party. 


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