Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Life with Three

Today is my second day flying solo with three kids, and I am blogging.....there is something not right about that picture.  Yesterday, was my first day, but the two bigs had pre school, so I wasn't alone all day with three.  While they were at school I took Paxton for a weight check at a local breastfeeding store. They provide complementary weight checks anytime for breastfeeding mothers.  At last weeks doctors appointment he was 6 lbs 15 ounces, and yesterday he was 7 lbs 12 ounces. He is passed his birth weight again, and almost gained a lb in a week.  He is such a good little eater, and I am glad that he is growing right on track.  After we came home, rested a bit, and then picked up the big kids at school.  After some quiet time we spent the evening watching Happy Feet, and I actually cooked dinner.  I felt like I conquered the world, but I was thrilled to hand over all three to daddy for bath time, and I snuck to my bathroom for a bath for myself.

It is crazy to think that Paxton is not even two weeks old yet.  I feel as though I can not remember a day in which he wasn't here.  I just love him to pieces. He is doing great.  I prayed hard when I was pregnant with him for him to be laid back, and a good sleeper.  So far it appears as though my prayers have been answered (knock on wood).  The past 3-4 nights he has given me 5 hour stretches of sleep at night.  Last night I fed him at 11:40, and he woke up at 5 to eat again.  He then slept in until 10!! Amazing! He is sleeping in his crib, swaddled, and propped up on his boppy. He does not like to lay flat, and thankfully my movement alarm still works with him slightly elevated.  He has kind of taken to a soothie pacifier, but is not hooked! His umbilical cord stump also fell off 2 days ago, and he got his first real bath last night.

We had newborn photos taken on his one week birthday.  He was bright eyed for most of them, which was hilarious because he is always sleeping.  We finally got him to sleep, and I am confident the photographer got some great shots.  Caleb was not really into participating once again, but I think we got a few with him. Mckinlee of course modeled it up, and I am excited to see the pics of her.  We will just say it was a combined newborn/3 year old photo shoot. Here are the 2 sneak peaks the photographer has posted so far.

In other news Mckinlee has become quite opinionated about what she wears, and how her hair needs to be fixed.  The other day she insisted on wearing an Ariel nightgown with leggings and riding boots to school.  I said I would call the look "mama just had a baby, and didn't want a tantrum". She rocked it.

Caleb is doing great with Paxton.  He loves to hold him, and gives him a million kisses a day.

All in all life with three is going well.  Praying it stays this way.

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