Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Festivities

** I am going to begin this post by answering a couple of questions I have received. These questions made me realize that I am really bad at keeping this ole blog updated with anything other than pics of the kids.

  • I am no longer a nanny.  When we decided to begin the process of house hunting I went a head and gave my notice to the little boys parents. It was simply time to close that chapter of my life, and I have to admit I love being able to spend more time focusing on my kids. 
  • We are just in the early stages of house hunting, and we will probably not get super serious about it until the beginning of the year.  Our families have been wonderful, and are helping us out tremendously.  We are taking these last few months of the year to save money, and pay off some debt, while living with my inlaws.  I will have to take some photos to show you our new "home" right now.
  • I am still growing my event planning business.  I blog daily so please feel free to click on over (here) and become a follower.  
I think that answers all the questions that I have received. I will try my best to keep you up to date with our exciting life....haha.  

So, Halloween this year and the month of October did not go as planned at all.  We were moving, the weather was bad, and we just did not get to participate in a lot of the activities that I wanted us to.  We never made it back to a pumpkin patch after Caleb's field crazy because we usually visit at least 3.  Trick or treat was freezing a raining....and it just did not go as planned. However, we made the best of it, and still had a great time with the kids.

All month Caleb has been saying that he wanted to be Spiderman, so last weekend we took him to pick out his costume.  However, last minute he changed his mind and decided to be Mater.  So FORTY dollars later...RIDICULOUS...we had a rusty Mater costume..  
I could not decide what I wanted Mckinlee to be.  After brother's crazy expensive costume I decided to go the cheap route and let her be a "doggie".  My mother in law made a tutu, and I bought a black sweat suit.  She ended up not really looking like a dog....but she was cute none-the-less. 

Fall Festival:
We did attend a church fall festival last Sunday.  They had a ton of indoor inflatable and trunk or treat.  Caleb loved all the bounce houses.  He also really loved a horse racing game they had.  

Mckinlee however, spent most of her time crying....Lord help us.  

As I stated before Halloween here was freezing and misting rain.  I was so bummed.  Caleb loved trick or treat last year, and he was so excited about it this year.  We bundled the kids up and attempted trick or treating.  We hit about 5 houses before we called it quits.  It was just too cold.  Instead we went to Big Boy for icecream, and then my mother in law suggested that we trick or treat within the house. This was actually a huge hit.  Nick, myself, my mother in law, Abby, and Eric all went behind different doors, and the kids would come knock, say trick or treat and get candy.  

We then took inventory of our stash...

And my kids stayed up until midnight!! Sugar high.

So even though it did not go as planned we made the best of it. 


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