Tuesday, November 13, 2012


This past weekend we were blessed with AMAZING weather..and an earthquake that I some how did not feel.  Any who. Nick and I took this time to take in fall with the kids.  With the move during the month of October we really missed out on Fall fun, and we wanted to make up for that.  Thankfully the in laws live in a country setting and are surrounded by trees, so there were still plenty of fallen leaves.  We decided that making a huge leaf pile would be the perfect fall activity.

I took a picture of my hubby making the pile, but for some reason it would not load.  He did not use a rake, but went into the wooded area with a leaf blower, and made the biggest pile of leavess that I have ever played in.

Caleb and Mckinlee were unsure at first, but soon took to it.  Kinlee was only interested for so long, and then she sat in Grandpa's golf cart and cheered for us.  Caleb however loved it.  I have to admit Nick and I did as well.  It was so fun to just run and jump in the leaves. Bella loved it as well.  She was so funny hoping in and out, and getting lost beneath the leaves.  We spent all day Saturday outside, and I loved seeing the smiles on my kiddos faces.

Sometime during the weekend fun Caleb sprained his ankle.  No idea when or how, but he woke up Monday morning unable to bear weight on his right leg.  X rays confirmed that there was no break, and the doctor told us to use and ace bandage and ice it.  Before nap he was finally limping around on it.  I sure hope it heals quickly.

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Anonymous said...

You have a super cute family and it seems like you had a great time, but it's spelled LEAVES, not leafs.