Monday, November 5, 2012

Our home until we find a home

I stated in my last post that I would include some pics of our make shift home.  My in laws have a ranch style house, and they have graciously given us the basement great room to live in while we look for a home.  We have made the best of the space, and we are actually quite comfortable.

 This is the entrance to our space.  You see the computer where I take residence during nap time, the shelves filled with toys for the kiddos, and a play area.  
 The curtains are the entrances to the bed rooms. Caleb's room is behind the brown, and Kinlee/Our room is behind the blue. 

Our kitchen.  We do not have a stove or sink. I use a lot of my appliances or go upstairs to use the stove when I need to cook/wash dishes. 
 This is where I keep our plates, cups, silverware etc. 
 Our living room.  

Caleb's room with his unmade bed. 
 The entrance to our room. 
Kinlee sleeps behind the curtain 
 Our storage.  I have most of the kids clothes folded on the shelves.  The rest is of our clothes are hung in our make shift closet.  

So, there you have it.  Our home until we find a home.  I am grateful for my in laws allowing us to invade their space, so we can begin building our dream.  

**Please excuse the picture quality. My camera or something is not working correctly.

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Tammy said...

So sweet of your In-laws to have you stay. You are making excellent use of the space, wowza for efficiency! Hopefully it won't be too long...a little short term discomfort for long term gain.