Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mckinlee 21 Months

Oh my sweet little bit, you are such a personality at 21 months.  You surprise me literally every 5 minutes.  You are 100% girl, and your mood swings prove it :).  However, your personality, fits and all, bring us such joy.  You are so perfect, and I am so thankful that God blessed me with you.

This past month has been really special to me, because it is really the first time in your 21 months of life that we have had a lot of one on one time. Since I am no longer nannying, and brother goes to school 2 mornings as week, we now have time to spend just with each other.  This morning we just sat and cuddled for over an hour, and talked.  I love our sweet time.  Some mornings we shop, some mornings we have a breakfast date.  I am just happy to have that time to completely devote to you.

Mckinlee at 21 months:

Sleeping: Your sleeping is back on track after the move (knock on wood).  You nap for 2 hours a day, and sleep from 8/8:30-8/8:30.  You have learned to "play" cry in your bed.  I now have to walk in and put my stern voice on when you are fighting naps.  You then smile and stop crying.

Eating:  Your eating has picked by up this month.  You love peanut butter and eat it by the spoonfuls daily. It is always your snack of choice.  You always grab the peanut butter and a spoon and bring them to me.  Your new love is smoothies but only out of a straw.

Size: You are wearing size 12 month pants, 0-3 all the way to 18 month tops, size 4 shoes, and a size 2 diaper for naps and bedtime.  They do not make panties smaller than size 2T/3T, so they sag on you, and a pulled up to your belly button :).

Teeth: No new teeth this month

Speech: Lots of 2/3 word sentences.

Exciting New Things:

  • Whenever you want us to hold you, you always say "Mere" "Mommy mere, mere" (aka come here).  It melts my heart every time and it is literally something that I want you to say forever. 
  • You dance to your own beat all the time, and you always sing "ahh ahh ahh" (if all the rain drops).  You always put your right arm up and move it while shaking your booty in a circle.  
  • You are really starting to answer questions we ask you now. 
  • You love picking out your clothes.  Last night daddy said that you said "Daddy mere" and ran into the room.  When he followed you pointed to the clothes, and he held you up.  You picked a dress to wear around the house haha. 
  • You love to be naked, and it is literally the hardest thing to keep pants on you.  Every time we are outside you pull your pants down and scream potty.  Only you do not really have to potty you just do not like to wear clothes.  Caleb says you are crazy.  
  • You and Caleb are really playing well together now.  You always run with him, play cars with him, kick balls etc.  
  • You can wear your hair in piggies now, and it is the cutest thing. 
  • You always grab my phone, and look at it and say "Pa..where go?".  (you love to face time with papaw).
  • You are such a little mama still.  

I love you so much sweet girl! 



Tammy said...

Gah! She is so darn cute!!! Don't you just love all the little things she is saying?

Jennifer P. said...

Love her smiles and curls! What a sweetie :)