Monday, July 16, 2012

Florida 2012

We recently returned home from an amazing trip to Florida, and I am sad to say that it is over.  We had a great time laying on the beach, swimming and visiting family.  This kids had a blast.  Mckinlee loved the ocean and was fearless.  Caleb preferred the pool and was a little fish by the time we left. 

Things I want to remember from the trip
  • Caleb thought dinosaurs lived in the ocean.  He loved to take his little net with him up and down the beach and search for dinosaur eggs (aka seashells) that would bite him :). 
  • Caleb told us their were 2 moons and told us we could not see the other one because it was Way Way Way over there!
  • Caleb said their was an alligator that was blue, had wings and flew that lived in the ocean. 
  • Caleb learned to tread water without his swimmies pretty well, and can hold his breath under water.
  • Their was a gorgeous full moon over the beach
  • Mckinlee loved to take the boogie board down to the water and sit on it.  She looked so cute dragging it.
  • Mckinlee ran into the ocean with zero fear!
  • Grandpa's 80th birthday was so much fun.
It was such  a great vacay. 


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