Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hello again! I have really become such a bloggy slacker as of lately.  My life is HECTIC right now to say the least. Simply Events (event planning business) has really been taking off, and my partner and I are knee deep in preparation for our bridal show this weekend! I have all that work on top of nannying Ethan, and being a mama/wife/domestic goddess :), and honestly I am stretched a little thin! I love it though!! Event planning is my passion, and I am so excited that our business is really taking off!! I am still trying to find the perfect balance for all of it, and unfortunately blogging has been placed on the back burner.  I do hope to change that though!

Life lately has been fun in the midst of all the chaos.  The kids are growing like weeds, and Caleb is less than 2 weeks away from turning THREE!! I may just go ahead and shed a few tears as I type this! I am literally in shock at how fast 3 years has passed! Mckinlee is still wild little Kinlee.  She can climb out of her crib now (a sleep sack fixed that problem), is as sassy as ever, and is a true leader of the pack. 

Last week we headed to the zoo with a friend, and her little ones.  I only had my 2 that day, so it was nice to get to enjoy the day with them! Unfortunately it started raining about half way through, but the kids made the most of it.  Caleb was not feeling very well, but Kinlee was ALL about splashing in the rain!

We have had a few play dates at parks around the area!

This past weekend we entered Mckinlee in the county fair pageant!! She got 2nd runner up out of 39, and I was very proud of her.  She was so silly during the pageant and did not smile or interact with the judges at all, but what can I say...the girl is beautiful!! Caleb was bored during the pageant and kept asking Nick when we could leave...hahaha

Life is crazy right now, but I am loving every crazy moment with my little family.  (PS I know that there are way more pictures of Kinlee than Caleb, but he is still in the DON"T TAKE PICTURES OF ME stage). Here is one that I caught... :)

I am going to try to get back to a normal blogging schedule!! Until next time friends!

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The Rogers Family said...

love the pics! are you still babysitting too??? can't wait to see how the party planning is going!