Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My First Day with 5 Under 5

Today I began my new life as a caretaker to 5 children (2 being my own). I was a little nervous, but surprisingly I wasn't super worried. I honestly feel that the transition from
one to two children was the hardest transition for me. I really think that once you have 2 kids so close in age another child thrown in the mix does not make that big of a difference. Obviously we have our bad times where one child is not listening, so I am dealing with putting that child in time out, a baby is crying etc etc, but such is life with kids. Of course I have my moments where I have to step. back, take a breath, maybe vent through a text with a friend, but then I'm good again. Tantrums, boo boos, feeling as though you are going to scream are all just momentary issues, and they too shall pass.

Anyway, today has actually been really good so far. The 4 year old girl is cracking me up with her stories, dramatic play, and sassy personality. she has the boys in the palm of her hand already. I entertained the older ones today while baby Shelby was napping by placing ice cubes in the water table. HUGE hit! I highly recommend!! They were entertained for about an hour 1/2 before we had our first melt down and first time out.

Lunch time came an hour earlier than normal today. They were all getting cranky. I decided that lunch in their bathing suits on the deck was the best option. They all listened to my rules, and stayed seated until they had eaten their food, and we sang some fun nursery songs.

I knew that changing them out of their wet clothes and into dry ones was going to be chaotic! I decided to pull down a bin of books and some puzzles and told them we were having "quiet activity" time. They were able to read or work a puzzle while they waited to come to me to get dressed. Even Mckinlee did well with this one. So I basically assembly lined them, and made them potty, come to me to change and then go back to their activity.

Once they were all dressed Shelby and Mckinlee were put in their beds, and then I put each big kid to bed, and now my house is quiet, and I actually have time to blog!!

Today was good so far!! The only bad thing is my dryer broke and I literally have 5 baskets of laundry that I may have to take to my in laws to do tonight ugh!

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Mica said...

I can't believe you could take great pictures, blog, and even keep an upbeat spirit about your first big day with 5!! You have truly found your calling :) I will continue checking in, as you're inspiring to listen to! And - I will be trying the ol' ice cubes in the water table idea - thanks!