Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend has been amazing so far!! The weather has been hot hot hot, so we have spent most of our time dipped in water of some way to spend Memorial Day Weekend!

Yesterday the local water park opened for the season, and despite our fear of it being overly crowded we decided to go.  It was not crowded at all, and it was the best day with the kiddos.  They are so different this year, and it definitely took us both chasing after them to insure that every one remained safe.  Caleb is a little fish this year.  He is all about laying on your arm and kicking.  I must get him in swim lessons this summer! Mckinlee doesnt have much interest in the water, but she enjoys walking EVERYWHERE!! She is all about practicing her new skill.  Nick spent most of his time in the pool with Caleb, and I chased Mckinlee around all day (hints why there are only pictures of her), 

Last night Nick's sister came over the watch the kids, and Nick and I had a low key date night planned by me. I didn't let him know what we were doing a head of time, so it was all a surprise (makes for best dates).  We started off at Target and did this scavenger hunt that I found on Pinterest. I WON!

We then got City BBQ for dinner and had a candle lit picnic at a park.  I gave him a fun little gift that I also found via pinterest. Basically you pre plan 12 dates for the year (one for each month), and you place them in an envelope. These are dates where you "stay in", and do fun, free things around the house as a couple.  Example for July "play with fireworks togeter".  I'm excited for our low key date nights. 

We still have 1 1/2 days left of this weekend, and I am ready to continue enjoying it with my little family!


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