Friday, May 11, 2012

Mckinlee 15 Months

My sweet tinker turned 15 months on the 6th, and of course I am just now getting around to posting about it.  This week has been crazy, but I finally had time to sit and type it up.  I however, never had the time to get her dressed in nice clothing and take pictures, so the pictures you will get are real life Mckinlee.  Dirty clothes, messy hair, and cluttered back grounds. 

Mckinlee at 15 Months:

Sleeping:  You have dropped your morning nap completely.  You have also pushed back your bed time from 7:30/8 to 8:40/9.  You sleep until any where from 7:30 am-9:30am.  You take a nap from at least 1-3 every day but sometimes it is a little longer.  You have also started sleeping with a blanket instead of in a sleep sack.

Eating: You still eat anything and everything!!

Size:  You are still my little peanut. At your 15 month appointment you weighed 18.2 lbs (below the charts), and you were 29 3/4 inches 30 %.  The doctor estimated that you will end up being around 5'2"/523", just like mama.  You can still wear anywhere from 0-3 months-12 months.  Your coming home shirt actually still fits you really good :).  You are so little.  A lady at the library thought you were 9 months old the other day :).  Still in a size 2 diaper, and between a size 2 and 3 shoe.  We are still having a hard time finding shoes that will stay on your itty bitty foot.  Right now the only pair of shoes that you have that will fit is a pair of aqua water shoes. So stylish.....

Teeth: No new teeth this month

Speech:  You have added the words eat, cheese, teeth, juice and boob to your vocabulary haha.  You say a lot of words, but only a few to actually communicate. You will point to the fridge and ask for cheese, you call your cu juice (because brother does), and the other day you pulled up my shirt and clear as day said "eat boob".  I should probably explain that one. We always called my nipple shield my boob, and I would always say "can you hand me my boob so I can nurse her".  Anyways, you knew that it was always beside my bed so you leaned over me looking for it when you said "eat boob". (this was after we stopped nursing).  You also say bye bye, hi, Bella, Mama and Dada in context. 

Exciting New Things:

  • You love to go to the pantry and bring me a pack of fruit snacks to feed you.  Every time I turn around you have a new pack in your hand.
  • You are WALKING full time now.  You started last week, and you are getting so good at it. 
  • If you fall down you immediately stand back up without having to pull up on something. Caleb had to pull up on  stuff for about the first month after he started walking. 
  • You always grab random items and look at me shaking your head yes, as if you were asking "can i touch this"?.  If you know you are not suppose to touch something you will grab it anyway and then look at me smiling and shaking your head no.
  • Your hair has grown a lot more.  Still really curly, and getting lighter and lighter.
  • You are so stubborn when it comes to doing something you do not want to do.  Right now you are in your bed fighting your nap, and you have been for the past 15 minutes.  If I go in you start the process all over......some days you are a little rough to handle baby girl.
  • You are still a mamas girl, but have really taken to daddy this month.  You always cry if you see him leave in the morning now.
  • You love to swing!
  • You love to play in Caleb's riding toys, and you are actually good at moving them around.
  • You still have no fear!!
  • You love to give kisses
  • You generally always have a snack in your hand.
  • You still sit in the W sit all the time.
  • You are so funny, and feisty.  Last night you were trying to push a button with your finger but it wouldn't push because your finger is so little.  You grabbed your finger with your other hand, held it tight, and growled at it.  You then kept pointing to your finger and yelling for me and daddy! hahaha
  • You love to play in play places now.  Crawling through the tunnels is your favorite!
You are so perfect my sweet baby.  I love seeing your little wide legged walk, having you come wallow all over me, and receive all of your sweet baby kisses. I love you so much!!


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