Thursday, May 31, 2012

Library Time

Yesterday after nap the girls mama picked them up early. I was left with only three kiddos so we decided to take a trip to the library. We needed to return some books and movies and Caleb was excited to pick out new ones.

The library in our area has so many fun activities for kiddos. The kids enjoyed playing puppet show, blocks, puzzles, playing on the computer and with all the toys. They also helped me pick books and movies and I swear my bag weighed a million pounds on the way out.

I am thankful for such a fun, free activity. It was just what I needed before I had to travel to my in laws to do laundry until 1 am. I hate laundry. Thankfully our new appliances were delivered today, and once again all the kids are napping!! Today is my Friday and I can't Wait for this weekend (post to come)!

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