Friday, July 1, 2011

Mama/Caleb Day

I am so thankful that the pool ban in our area was finally lifted.  At the beginning of July our area placed an order that no un-potty trained child could enter any public pool due to an outbreak of shigella in daycare around the area.  Talk about a major let down! I was so beyond excited to spend my days with the kids poolside, and the ban was a pain in my booty!! However, as of yesterday the ban was lifted!!!!!

I was so excited when I heard the news last night, and I could not wait to head to the pool today!! I asked my mother-in-law if she could watch Mckinlee for a few hours, so I could spend some one on one time with Caleb.  I left him all weekend last week, and I needed some Caleb time myself.  I am so thankful that we had the time today to enjoy each others company!

My child was so excited when we entered the water park today.  Generally he is a little timid and shy at first, but today he was WILD!! (So glad Mckinlee was not with me).  He ran right into the kiddie area, and he was splashing, running, dunking his body to his chin and saying "cold".  He was so adorable I could have just eaten him up right there! He loved loved loved the fountains, and he was obsessed with trying to get into the deep water. He could not understand why I had to hold him in the 4 ft area :).  My little independent man.  He was not a big fan of the lazy river. I think he became bored because he kept screaming at the people in front of us "GO!!".  Luckily they thought he was cute (we will discuss manners at another time). 

We enjoyed a nice lunch together, and even laid out on chairs side by side. After about 3 hours he was done and ready for a nap, but it truly was a GREAT day!


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