Monday, July 11, 2011


I have a background education in Early Childhood Development, and I have been trying to think of ways to bring that education into our home lately. Caleb is at the age where he needs activities that are challenging and that help him learn, and I need to be more devoted to teaching him. I have been flipping ideas back and forth in my head lately such as how to set up his play area, themes of the week, educational activities etc.  I am determined to start hard core come August, and I am excited to have the fun learning time with my little man.

In college I studied some of the ideas of Montessori.  I am not a full on Montessori follower, but I do like the ideas of simplicity/mastering/place for everything.  Since we just moved I have made it my goal to set up Caleb's toys in a Montessori..ish type of way.  I have put a lot of toys away, and I will switch them up every week to two weeks. I feel as though this will allow him to truly master what all the toys can do, plus actually take the time to play with all of his toys. 

His new Montessori shelf

Table Play:

We have a puzzle, books (will rotate them after we read all of them), and an etch a sketch for art.

Practical Life:
Piggy bank (practice counting/fine motor skills/colors)
Baby dolls/diaper.  Practice putting diaper on dolls

Telephone (Practice numbers)

Stack by size blocks (letters, large/small)


Wooden blocks (took out a lot of blocks so Caleb could master working with a small number).  (Colors, shapes, fine motor skills)

He also has an Easel in his room. We practice learning letters/writing on it daily. He loves it.  (I found it at a yard sale for 3 dollars!)

I can't leave a post without adding some cute pics of my babies from the weekend.


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