Friday, June 11, 2010

Miss Us?

We are BACK bloggy friends.  I can not tell you how much I have missed blogging these past few weeks, and I feel as though I have missed so much in the lives of all of you.  We have been moving moving moving these past two weeks, and unfortunately we are still in the process.  There are still boxes to be unpacked, stuff to be moved, furniture to put together, decorations to be hung etc etc etc.  Have I told you how much I HATE moving?  However, I do love living at the new home.  There is so much more room, and Sydney has a backyard to run in.  Our yard has the perfect trees for a baby swing, and that is a MUST HAVE purchase to be made in the near future.  I will be sure to post pics of the new home when I get everything decorated the way I want. Do not hold your breath, because it may take a while!

I have so much to remember from the last fews weeks, and I do not know where to begin.  Hmmm...lets start with Sydney. Sydney has become an escape artist since we moved in the new home.  She in fact has gotten out prolly 10 times now.  Hubster bought a shock collar to train her, and we think we have all the places fixed where she was getting out.  We thought for sure she was dead or gone one day last week. She was NO WHERE to be found in our neighborhood, and we were sure someone had picked her up, and that we would never see her again.  Fortunately the pound had picked her up, and she was there safe and sound.  She had run down a very busy road to the point of dehydration and had laid down infront of a library.  Poor girl.  She could have been killed so easy.  We had to PAY to get her out of the pound, which was funny to me. I mean it is our dog! At least however, she was safe, and is now staying in the yard (knock on wood). much has changed with him.  You can read all about it on his ten month post, that I will be posting next.  (Yes two posts in one day ). 

Memorial Day weekend we traveled to my hometown for my cousins graduation.  We basically swam and hung out at my uncles the entire weekend.  It was so fun, and they had the perfect float that they use for Matt.  After Matt got out of the pool Caleb and I took it over. It is a round intertube with a seat, mesh on the bottom and a cup holder. I floated around with Caleb beside me drinking a Smirnoff while he drank some ice water.  It was so relaxing.  The next day we had Will's graduation.  Nick had Caleb duty during that, and he spent most of the graduation in the truck with Caleb.  Afterward they had a graduation party for Will, and we had so much fun seeing everyone.

My grandmother has spent the past two weeks with us.  She has kept Caleb entertained while we moved.  Thanks Grammy. 

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