Friday, June 11, 2010

Caleb 10 Months

This is the first monthly post that I have been late on.  These past few weeks have been so crazy.  However, I did take the time to take his ten month pictures on time.  Caleb turned 10 months on June 4th, and it has been an eventful month so far :).

Caleb at 10 Months:

Sleeping:  Oh my sweet little baby what has happened to you? :).  You DO NOT want to self soothe anymore.  You have been self soothing yourself to sleep since you were 6 weeks, and now, you want nothing to do with it.  You will scream, pull up in your bed, throw your binky across the room, scream louder.  You just want to be rocked, but when we rock you, you will start playing instead of going to sleep.  We have tried sitting in a chair beside your bed, and laying you back down when you start to get up, sometimes is works sometimes it does not.  Daddy and I have decided to try to 10 minute self soothing intervals again, and see if it works.  It is so much harder this time around, because you can call out "MaMa" and you have those perfect puppy dog eyes that you give us.   I am hoping to get this fixed soon.  You are still sleeping through the night, it is just getting you down that is the problem.  You have been waking up around 7:30 every morning.  Nap times are all off scedule.  We are working on fixing this and cutting out a nap so you will be extra tired at bedtime.  You have stumped us little man :).  I think it is a combination of just moving, pulling up, and teething.  Hopefully by next month we will be back to normal.

Eating: You are still completely on table foods.  You have not had baby food in over a month. You have a breakfast, lunch, and dinner of table foods, and you love everything. The only thing we have found that you really don't like is pulled pork.  You always want to eat what we are eating. Sometimes I give in and give you a bite of "no no" food, such as lemon ice.  You LOVE it.  Oh well, a little sugar never hurt anyone.  You also LOVE LOVE LOVE strawberry's.  Me too.  You always give us the biggest "MMMMM" when we feed them to you.  You basically say "Mmmmm" after everything though.  You love love ICE water in your sippy.  You get so excited when you see us go to the freezer to get you ice.  We discovered over memorial day that you like  chocolate.  Daddy and I both hate chocolate, but you loved the chocolate cake that our neighbor gave you a bite of. You are still taking 4-5 bottles a day, about 25 ounces.  You get a fruit and veggie serving with every meal, and I get angry if people feed you something that I feel is "junk".  I just want you to have healthy eating habits :).

Size:  We have not had you weighed or checked for length this month.  However, you seem to be getting longer, and thining out a little.  You are wearing mostly 9 month and 12 month clothing now.  You wear a size 3 shoe, and you are actually keeping them on your feet.  I guess you are probably still right around 21 lbs. You are still wearing a size 4 diaper.

Exciting New Things: There are so many.  The past few weeks you have changed so much, and it is causing me to have a melt down.  You are turning more and more into a little boy every day. 
  • You are CRAWLING everywhere.  You started crawling on May 28th.  I just looked down and there you went.  You crawl all over the house now.  If I am moving into another room, you follow behind me as fast as you can.
  • You are PULLING UP and CRUISING on everything.  This goes against all my maternal instincts.
    You have already given yourself three bruises and it breaks my heart every time. However, you just pull right back up and keep on going.
  • You WALK BEHIND YOUR PUSH WALKER. You have taken as many as ten steps so far.
  • You move eveywhere in your walker, and you love to go in a circle.
  • Your new favorite thing to do is pull up on the back of my legs, and stick you head between my knees and say "MAMA".  You so this a lot when I am trying to cook, or do dishes.
  • You love to pull up on the tub when I am taking a shower and stick you head in the bath and get sprayed.  You laugh and say "MaMa".  It is so cute.  You are usually soaked afterward.
  • You love to play in your pool outside.  I always just put you in it naked because swim diapers are so expensive.  The other day you started peeing and you were grabbing your pee with you hands.  It was soo funny. 
  • You love to pick grass and try to eat it. 
  • You still HATE to have your diaper changed, or have your clothes changed.  You still scream like I am beating you, and try to roll away. 
  • You crawl around naked with your towel on your head after a bath, and it is just the cutest little thing ever. 
  • You squeal and make your "rapter" sound all the time.
  • You always want what you can't have, and you know the meaning of "NO". 
  • I really think you understand what "Mama" and "dada" mean. 
  • You are living in your first new house.
  • You love to give Bella kisses.  This would gross some people out, but I think it is adorable.  You will kiss her, and then laugh.  It is so cute.  She gets more kisses than anyone else.
  • You are always trying to stand up in the highchair, or bath.  You are quickly learning the meaning of the word "SIT". 
  • You are getting your very first TWO teeth.  We can see the very tips of them on your bottom gums, and so far you are handling teething pretty well .
  • You have been very snuggly this month, and I have to admit I LOVE that. 

You are changing so much this month little man, and it is so bittersweet.  I Love you so much, and I see you changing more and more into a little boy everyday.  You are the sweetest little man ever, and I am so excited to continue this wonderful journey of being your mama. 



Meant to be a mom said...

Wow look at all he's doing. Its so tiring but fun isn't it!!

Sorry he's having a hard time going down. It seems like that is a boy requirement to be that way after 8 months of age. I hope that gets better.

Katrina said...

Awe, he is getting so big! So is my little guy... It is sad in some ways, huh? I can't believe they are growing up so fast!
Sounds like Caleb is pretty close to Jack on the teeth... they are taking their sweet time, huh? Jack only has 2, and his little buddy who was born a day earlier already has like 8 or 9! I swear they are all going to pop through on the same day!

Mommy's Sippy Cup said...

Okay, sooooo, soooo cute!!! I love the pics.
Davis' naps are so out of whack right now it's crazy. It's not helping that we are out of town either. I dropped his late afternoon nap, and then pushed his afternoon nap later and that seemed to help. Most days anyway. He's still great at night, so atleast there's hope :)

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