Monday, June 14, 2010

Mealy This is for You

My best friend from college.  I mean like person who was my meant-to-be friend, who I clicked with so well, and who I just love so much is expecting her first little man in Oct.  I am beyond excited for her and her hubby, and I am in love with their little man already.  I am so happy she jumped on the bandwagon and started a baby blog!! It is so fun to keep up with her since she lives so far away now :(.  Anywho, click here and show her some blog love.

Mealy had called me the other day to ask about my must have baby items. I started into my spill and then started laughing, because I knew it was too much to remember. I promised her I would compose a list.  So, Mealy this one is for you. 

  • Swing
  • Boppy Pillow
  • Angel Care Movement Monitor (I swear by this one, best peace of mind ever!)
  • Swaddle blankets
  • Pack-n-play or bassinet in your room.
  • Binky (MAM brand)
  • Pampers Swaddlers Diapers
  • Newborn clothes and Newborn diapers.  I had none of these and we needed them for a month.  Believe it or not Caleb used to be tiny!
  • Baby Wise book.  Caleb was sleeping through the night by 7 weeks by implementing their practices.
  • Basket with diapers/wipes/burb cloths/change of clothes for your bedroom for the middle of the night messes.
  • Medela bottles and NUK bottles were my favorite if you decide to try a bottle.
  • Footed pj's!!!!!
  • Diaper changing pad/caddy
  • Mesh bather seat
0-4 Months:
  • tummy time mat. 
  • Bumbo seat
  • small rattles or toys with a handle so they can learn to grasp.
  • Sleep sack to keep them warm when they outgrow their swaddle blanket.
  • Footed pj's!!
  • Jumparoo or Exersaucer.  They do not use these very long so buy thrift or use a hand me down.
5-10 Months:
  • Any type of toy.  They like them all!
  • Push walker
  • Walker
  • Safety plug covers
  • Footed pj's!
  • Baby spoons
My advice of other items:
  • Bouncy seats: Are awesome to take to the restroom with you when you are showering, but other than that I never really used ours.
  • Bedding:  The only part of the bedding that you use is the bumper, sheets, and curtains.  The bedskirt looks retarded once you lower the bed, and you never use the blanket.  Try to just buy the individual pieces you need to save money.
  • You have to have a crib and at least one dresser.  The changing pad can go on top of the dresser.
  •  Carseat.  Chicco has the highest weight limit. That helps in the long run.  However, register for your big boy carseat as well, because they are way more expensive.
  • Look for a light weight stroller.  I have heard that the carseat/stroller sets are really really heavy. 
  • Britax is the highest rated big boy carseat in terms of safety.
I hope this helps Mealy!!

I must finish the post with a pic of Caleb.  This was from music class the other day when he hung out with James and Miss Presley.


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Amelia said...

Thanks Sar, sorry I just now was able to read your blog but I appreciate you leaving my own special dedication on your blog : ) So far I found a pack-n-play, Chicco travel system, and a bassinet and my mom found a swing! I am so super excited! My baby shower is going to be July 25th, and I know that Columbus is pretty far away so if you can't make it I will completely understand. I love you and miss you! Thanks again for the suggestions, love it!