Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mckinlee 3 1/2 Years

My sweet, wild, free spirited, beautiful girl,

You are 3 1/2 years old now.  That number does not seem real to me.  I still think of you as no older than two.  Partly due to the fact that you are smaller than most two year olds.  However, you inform me daily that "I'm not little, I big".  Big you are sweet girl.  You have a huge personality for such a tiny person, and it keeps me laughing, second guessing, and causes me to throw up my hands daily.  You are a fighter, an entertainer, a leader, a boss, a loving child, and you are absolutely hilarious! I never know what you are going to say next, and I love that about you.  I know that you will always hold your own throughout life.  If you have an opinion we will hear about it.  You will listen to our instructions, but you have to find a way to do it "your way".  You wear my out, but equally make my heart smile.  I am so excited about the relationship I have with you.  I love love love having a girl, and I look forward to growing that mother daughter relationship more and more as you grow older.  Right now you love to have your nails painted with me, you love to go to yard sales, you love to drink smoothies together, and you love to come in my bathroom and get ready with me.  You are all about wearing lip stick and perfume. 

Right now you love to sing and dance all the time.  You have gotten really good at riding your bike.  You ride it up and down the hills like a champ.  You love to make up stories, and play mom and dad.  You have such a beautiful maternal instinct.  You are always bouncing around, and will not sit still for long at all.  You love drinky yogurts, melon (oatmeal), and muffins for "dinner" (breakfast).  You love to come into my rooms in the morning, and request that I turn the "egg show" on my phone for you to watch.  You protest going to sleep like crazy, and will ask for a million kisses and hugs, and will kick your blankets off and request that I cover you back up. You never stop talking, and when I am reading a book you ask no less than 10 questions per page while I am reading the words.  You love your brothers, and are a daddy's girl.  You love and talk about all your grandparents/aunts and uncles all the time.  You love to swim, and play outside, and Don't Break the Ice, and "The cherry game" (Hi Ho Cheerio) are your favorite board games.  You pull all your toys out at one time when you play, and then swear you don't know how to clean them up.  You are obsessed with books, and when you wake up in the morning you have no less than ten books laying on your bed.  You are very girly, and you love gymnastics and dancing/cheering.  You request "cheerleader" hair daily. 

Funny Kinleeisms
  • "Mommy, I'm over this. You have to stop drinking coke it's bad for you.  We are not going to do this no more".
  • "Mommy look at all these sales! I die!! Well, I don't really die, but I die!"
  • "Look at my face, I'm happy"


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