Friday, August 8, 2014

Last Day as a Four Year Old

Caleb had a great last day as a four year old.  He awoke to birthday breakfast and gifts one day early.  I decked out the kitchen in Power Rangers décor, and balloons were all over the floor. He loved that, but he really loved his new air hockey table that was set up and ready to play.  (I scored the table at a yard sale for 1.00!!!!). 

We had pancakes in the shape of #5 for breakfast, and opened his other gifts.  He got some new school shoes, pj's, and an alarm clock (which thrilled him).  We played with his toys, and then headed to church.

After church we headed to Paw and Meemaw's for birthday dinner.  Caleb requested pizza for dinner, and MeeMaw made a great Power Ranger cake that had a checkerboard pattern of red and blue inside.  All the aunts and uncles were there to celebrate, and Caleb had a fun day swimming and playing outside.  He got to open some more presents, and he was thrilled with his new Power Ranger toys.

When we arrived home, he was so excited that it was his last night as a 4 year old.  We got him bathed, and ready for bed, and I saw in his room and talked to him about how fast he was growing up.  I told him that I sure was happy I was his mommy.  He looked at me and said, "I'm glad that God chose you to be my mommy!"....and then I cried, and said goodnight to my four year old boy for the last time. 


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