Friday, August 8, 2014

Kings Island

On Caleb's actual birthday Nick and I took him on a special date day to Kings Island.  We had the BEST day.  We had lunch at Chipotle before we entered the park, and enjoyed sitting outside on the patio talking to Caleb.  He told us he loved those tacos so much that he could eat them for like forever.  We agreed. 

We started the day at the water park.  Caleb went down all the kid slides a million times, as Nick and I sat there and reminisced about how big he was getting.  We then headed to the larger slides, and he LOVED them.  The lines were for the most part short, and we had a great time.  We then changed and rode the train over to the amusement park side.  Caleb loved the train, he just didn't want to take a picture.

Our first ride was the Beastie (aka Caleb's first big roller coaster).  We rode this three times in a row before moving onto other rides.  We let him ride and ride until he started to get tired.  We decided to head and get some dinner/cool down.  While we were eating and watching a performance the performers started singing Happy Birthday to a little girl.  Caleb totally thought they were singing to him, and he kept asking "how did they know it was my birthday".  Soo sweet.  Dinner perked him up so we headed out for some more rides.

We started with the pirate ship, and he HATED it.  He was crying and screaming, and Nick and I kept trying to console him. He didn't like how he raised up out of his seat.  Once we were off of that we headed up into the tower to look at Kings Island.  Caleb loved looking around, but again he didn't want to take a picture.

We then headed back to planet Snoopy, and let him ride everything he wanted. He probably rode the bumper cars 8 times. He would get off, and run right back to the line to ride again.  The haunted house was his favorite, and we actually rode if about 8 times right before closing.  He loved shooting the ghosts, and getting a higher score than us.

We finished the night with a

cinnamon roll and fireworks.  As we were walking to the car this happened within 3 minutes.....

I think that was a sign of a successful birthday. 

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