Sunday, June 1, 2014

Last Day of School

The kids last day of preschool this year was the 21st.  It was actually their last day ever at the preschool we have been attending for the past 2 years.  I have loved this school, the faculty, and the joy that it has brought my children.  However, I have found a new preschool for the fall, that will open more doors for our family.  I am sad to say goodbye to their old school, but I am excited for the opportunities the future will hold. 

Caleb "graduated" Pre-K this year.  I say "graduated" because he is technically not starting kinder in the fall, and will have another "graduation" next Spring.  I am choosing to hold him back due to his late summer birthday, and a few other reasons.  All in all I feel it is the right choice for him. 

Mckinlee completed her final day of the two year old class.  She did not start school until January this year, but she has loved every second of it. 

Before we left for school I had them participate in a quick photo shoot.  They were so cute posing together. 

I had them each draw me a picture.  I thought it would be a sweet memory one day.  Kinlee never told me what she drew, but Caleb drew cheetah's. 

Comparison of first and last day of school. 

They both performed in the chapel that morning with their classes.  Mckinlee's class did the hokey pokey, and a bible verse.  She was all into it and performing her little heart out. 
Caleb's class did four songs.  He actually sang and danced!!!!!! I was shocked, and so proud.  I had a huge smile on my face the entire time. 
He then walked across the stage and "graduated".  (the pics from this are terrible)
After it was all over we went outside to take some pictures.


We then went back in to say goodbye to their sweet teachers.  We have been truly blessed by the teachers the Lord has placed into their lives!

Kinlee's teachers Ms. Debbie and Ms. Barb were so sweet.  Mckinlee LOVED to hug on them, and talk their ears off.  She was always sitting in Ms. Debbie's lap "helping" her teach. 

Caleb's teachers Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Krissy.....I can not even begin to describe how amazing they were.  If I could bottle them up, and keep them as his teachers forever I would.  They were always there to cuddle, joke, play, teach, and love on my boy, and they would get their daily Kinlee hug as well.  They taught him in such fun and creative ways, and truly helped him come out of his shell.  I will forever be grateful for them and their amazing hearts!! He was so blessed to have them in his life. 

My sweet babies have grown and changed so much this year.  My little man is becoming just that.  He is more of a boy and less of a little guy every day.  He is a super hero lover, an amazing and loyal friend, an awesome big brother, and he has the sweetest most tender heart.  I love him so much I could cry!

My wild, hilarious, fearless, carefree, march to the beat of her own drum little tiny.  She has a sparkle, a feisty side, and can boss kids around like it is her job.  She may be tiny, but she will stand up the biggest among us with her hand on her hip and her high pitch voice going 100 miles per minute.  She is beautiful, sassy, and keeps me on my toes.  I could not love her more. 

Life really is passing by all too quickly.
  "Oh darling don't you ever grow up, never grow could stay this simple....."


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