Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pure Michigan

A few weeks ago we traveled to Western Michigan to visit some of my college friends, and their families.  We all rented a beach house together, and spent the weekend on the beach, exploring the town, and just enjoying each others company.  I must say, that I had forgotten how beautiful Lake Michigan is.  It is gorgeous. I think it may be my new favorite place to vacation.  Only a five hour drive, clear water, no sharks, no jelly fish....sounds like a winner to me!!

The kids loved every minute of it, and Caleb actually requested that we move there.  (if only the winters were not so awful).

We celebrated Fathers Day while we were there as well.  The kids got Nick a few small gifts, and made him some crafts. We spent the remainder of the day on the beach, and in the car driving home.

It was a great little getaway!


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The Rogers Family said...

You look amazing! Love all the cute pics of the kiddos!