Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sports are Hell......

Most of Caleb's T-Ball games this season have started out like this.  Pout face, needing mommy or daddy, attitude galore, refusal to participate......why do I do this to myself again?

 Instead of hitting the ball with his bat, he decided to swipe it with his hand while yelling........yea........mother of the year award here. 

Running the bases was a huge hit with him at one game because he wanted to show everyone how fast he was.  The next game....he decided to slowly stroll.  I thought if I tried to race him then he would run.  Instead he continued to walk, and I made a fool of myself......crazy embarrassing picture.  Have I mentioned I hate sports.......

Sitting on the base sure seemed like a good idea.....

Let the walking continue......

Running to catch the ball in the outfield was a hit.  Thank God.  

Unless someone else got to it first, and then he was sad again.  

These two love birds got into a little competition.  I love Presley's face in this.  She is so determined to beat him to the ball, and that arm stuck out in front of him cracks me up.  Notice his upset face....he was about to start yelling at her....

They were quick to make up though.  

Look at his sweet face of joy for her when she got to the ball first! 

He told her "Good Job Pres!" My sweet boy....swoon

Caleb may not love T-ball all the time, but he sure loves this girl! 

T-Ball has been rough.  A little joy mixed with a whole lot of yuck, but we are still there to cheer and support him during each and every game.  This little cutie is the best cheerleader of all.  (Yes we rock our pj's to the 9:30 am soccer game.......don't judge.) 


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