Monday, June 24, 2013

Canoe Adventure

This past weekend we went canoeing for Father's Day. We had originally planned to do that Father's Day weekend, but rainy weather ruined those plans.  I am so glad we rescheduled because it was so much fun.

Nick's cousin Ashely, and her family joined us along with Nick's sister Abby.  We rented 2 canoes and went on the 6 mile ride.  Caleb rode in the canoe with Hayden, and Kinlee and Abby rode with us.  The river was so peaceful, and Caleb really liked to help paddle :).  They gave the boys a paddle of their own, and they loved it.  Kinlee actually did really well.  She had a few whiny fits, but otherwise enjoyed herself.

We stopped four times to swim, and the water felt amazing.  Kinlee was wild, and was jumping, and trying to swim away from us, laughing the entire time.  That girl....... Caleb loved swimming with Hayden.  We also stopped at a campsite and had ice cream.

To top off a wonderful day we also got to ride back to the parking lot in a school bus.  HUGE deal for my little man.  His biggest dream is being big enough to ride a school bus.  He was in heaven, and did not stop smiling the entire ride.  He LOVED it.

It was an amazing day.  We already have plans to go again, and camp!

Sunday we played at home all day. It was the perfect pool day, and Uncle Tony was in town, so it was nice to see him.  I have to brag on Caleb for a minute.  He is doing so well learning to swim.  Yesterday he practiced a lot. He is doing great at treading, and kicking off the bottom to come up for air.  He is also doing well with grabbing the side to pull himself up.  He loves swimming with the kick board in front of him.  I am so proud of him!


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