Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mckinlee 22 Months

I thought I better get this in before Kinlee turns 23 months next week.

Mckinlee at 22 months:

Eating:  You like to snack all day.  You do not particularly like to have meal times.  You favorite food is still peanut butter, and fruit snacks.

Size: 20 lbs, 12-18 month mostly, size 2 diapers for sleep, and size 2T undies.  You are wearing a size 4 shoe.

Teeth:  You are trying to cut your canines, but they have not popped out just yet.

Speech:  You talk all the time. You are always practicing your words. Sentences are now a norm for you.

Exciting New Things:

  • You always say "A, L, N, O, E" when you are trying to count, or looking at letters/numbers.  
  • You are talking in sentences more and more.  "I wanna Eat", "Where Ellie Go" etc.
  • You have almost learned to jump.  We got a trampoline for Christmas and you have almost got it down.
  • You love to play ring around the rosie.  You sing "round round round, DOWN". 
  • You have not been as fussy as normal this month.  If you are fussy your punishment is laying on a pillow until you calm down, and it actually works! 
  • Papaw hung the moon while we were visiting.
  • You loved opening all your gifts at Christmas. 
  • You try to do everything Caleb does.
  • You are such a little mama.  A baby goes with you everywhere, and you love to take care of them.  You also love playing in your play kitchen.
  • You still love to play with cars.
You are so sweet and perfect and I love you bunches!! 


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