Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Festivities

I am back once again.  Soooo beyond behind on recording everything.  I truly love having this blog to reference back on, and I hate when I allow so much time to pass in between posts.  My news years resolution is to become a better blogger.  I generally break down Christmas posts and I think that is the route I am going to continue this year.

So Christmas post #1

On the 17th the kiddos and I traveled to my hometown to spend a week with my family.  I have to admit that there is something so "homey" about driving back into the mountains.  It always makes me nostalgic, and I have to admit that this view will always feel like home.  There is something special about being encompassed by some how feels safe, inviting, have a history....people know where you came from, where you are just feels right.  I love it, and even though we may never move back, I am glad that it is where I grew up and that I can share it with my children.

My dad could not wait until Christmas to give the kids their gift.  So, they got to break it in early.  They loved it.  Kinlee would just sit and wave, and Caleb was all boy.  He would spin, shoot backwards, and even jumped a tree stump.  The first time he jumped the stump you could just see the little boy excitement come out on his face like "OMG that was AWESOME".  He immediately came back to do it again.  We were able to have dinner with my dad, grandmother, and my dads girlfriend one night.  I was able to spend time with my high school "group" who I have not seen in sooo long, and we spent a lot of time with family.  We were also able to play in the snow one day which was fun.

The 23rd we had Christmas at my dads with my sister, grandmother, dad, and Nick was able to join us for that.  Dad outdid himself with food, and it was AHHmazing.

The 24th the kids awoke to presents from Grammy. The cash register was a huge hit.  We then went to my aunts and uncles for dinner and  presents.  The boys all got Nerf guns, and a war broke out.  Caleb opened presents, and one of his gifts was wrapped in a brown box...his response "A box, I don't want a box" haha.

It was a great visit home.  Be sure to check back for the remainder of my Christmas posts...I know you are just dying to hear about them :).


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