Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mckinlee 19 Months

So, Mckinlee turned 19 months on the 6th, and once again I am crazy behind on typing up her post.  This month it was mainly due to lack of pictures to add, and not enough time to have a mini photo sesh.  Today, while Caleb was at school I rushed and took some pictures of her, but I got very few. Toddlers are so hard to photograph.

Mckinlee at 19 Months:

Eating: Picky Picky Picky...that is you right now.  You basically do not eat anything we put on your plate.  You love junk food, grilled cheese, peanut butter, and most fruits.  You are obsessed with ice right now, and we have to put new ice cubes in your cup at least 3 times during dinner to keep you happy.  You are finally starting to tolerate cows milk.  You are drinking one sippy of 1% a day, and I am going to start introducing 2% this week....we are slowly working up to whole milk.

Sleeping: You still sleep like a champ.  Nap from 1-3/3:30 and bed from 8/8:30-8/8:30.

Size: You weigh 20lbs now!!!! Its a miracle.  You are wearing size 18 months for fall due to length, but your smaller shirts still fit you.  You are in a size 3/4 shoe. Size 2 diaper.

Teeth: Still have 12 teeth.

Speech: You vocabulary is growing every day.  You have really started putting 2 words together consistently recently.

Exciting New Things:

  • You count 2, 3 go! 
  • You always say cheese and smile big for my phone camera.
  • You have still been trying to go on the potty.  Last night you went in, sat down and peed all on your own.  
  • You are still sleeping in a sleep sack.
  • You always lay your baby doll on a blanket, put your finger to your mouth and say "shh" 
  • If someone tells you that you look pretty you will point to your feet and say "shoes" and your head and say "bow". 
  • You run to daddy and jump in his arms when he gets home from work now. 
  • You love to wipe with toilet paper when you are trying to go potty.  
  • You still call your binky "Ellie", and are quite obsessed.
  • You still have a pesky rash around your mouth.  Your skin issues are out of control.  
  • You love to pick your own outfits out. 
  • You can identify a dog, and a duck right now, but you refuse to say any other animal names. 
  • You know your head, your belly, your nose, your feet, your hands, your ears....I think you probably know all your body parts but you will not point to them when we ask. 
You are such a sweet little tink tink and I love you more than life. 


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Tammy said...

What a little sweetheart! I can't get over the similarities between her & my Morgan....what a fun age!!