Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Zoo Day

The kids and I went to the zoo today to take in this amazing weather.  This was my first completely solo trip with all three kids, and it was so much fun.  They were so well behaved, and were smiling the entire time.  The only downfall was me forgetting their lunches at home and having to dish out 18 dollars for 2 kids meals!

We saw basically all the zoo had to offer today.  The biggest hit of the day was the children s zoo.  They were able to pet and feed goats, and play on a play set.  Caleb was not to excited about touching the goats, but the play set made him happy. He said "mom their really is a park at the zoo!".  He is adorable.  We finished off the day with a train ride, and they all three loved it.



Tammy said...

You rock taking all 3 kiddos! What a beautiful day for it too!

Mica said...

So fun! We actually went yesterday - wish we could have bumped in to you! It was my first trip with 2, can't imagine 3 just yet :) Isn't the weather fantastic!!

Sarah said...

we should have a blog friend zoo trip. today was not crowded and the weather was amazing