Thursday, March 12, 2009


I definetely have already been dying to shop for little Caleb. It is soo hard not to now that I know I am bringing a precious little boy into this world. However, the other day we made an amazing discovery (THE GAP OUTLET). It was soo amazing. They had baby clothing from 45 cents to 7 dollars. We were able to but 9 nice onsies, two pairs of pants, 1 pair of swimming trucks, 2 pairs of pajamas, two hats, and a pair of shoes for Caleb, and a pair of nice pants for Nick for 50 dollars!! AMAZING!! It is definetely my new obsession.

I have also began planning the nursery. I was having some problems finding boy bedding that I liked but I am beginning to find some that I like. I will post a few in the next week or so and see what everyone thinks. I am thinking I may go more plain with the bedding and then spice up the room with accessories?? Still dunno for sure.

Nick and I are registering on Sunday and I can not wait. We have already learned the ins and outs of babies r us so it should be easy.

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Lea Liz said...

shopping for a baby boy is so much fun!! Once you start you never stop! I can't wait to see what you pick for his nursery!