Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bridesmaid at 25 Weeks!!

In a previous post I talked about two of my close friends from my hometown who are expecting a baby along with me. My friend Beth is getting married on April 25th to an old friend of mine and I could not be happier for both of them. It makes me happy because I introduced them and therefore I kind of feel like a match maker. Anyway, when she asked me to be a bridesmaid I had to admit that at first I was a little worried because I was afraid I would be horrible huge, and I would look like a beached whale in the bridesmaids dress. It made me feel a little better than Blair will also be a bridesmaid and she is only three weeks behind me. Anyway, I went to Davids Bridal today to get measured for my dress, and to try to figure out what size I would need to cover the baby bump (that better be there by 25 weeks). Anyway, it was really cute because they have a little baby bump pillow that they have you try on that will show you how dresses fit with a pooch. We started with a 6 and to my surprise it fit well over the baby bump but it was large in the chest area. The consultant said that we should try a 4 just to see if it fit in the chest and the stomach. I was cautious because I did not believe that a 4 could possibly fit me with a baby bump. However, to my surprise it fit, and I do not think we will have to do any alterations (which is really good because the wedding is in one month). The little pillow was fun to wear and Nick and I just smiled at eachother thinking about how our baby will be that big soon. I actually think I scared a customer because I moved the bump under my dress from side to side to make it fit right, and she looked at me like I was a circus act. I guess she thought the bump was real. It was really funny. I am so excited for Beth and Neil, and I can not wait to share in their big day with them. I have included a picture of our bridesmaid dress. I love it, and the actually color we will be wearing is clover (green).

I have also included pictures of the bride and groom taken a few years ago.

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