Monday, March 9, 2009


My instinct has proven to be true, and this morning we found out we were having a sweet baby boy. I am beyond excited and so is Nick. The ultrasound was probably one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It was so amazing to watch our little baby kick, roll, move his arms, and he even looked as though he was clapping his hands at one point. His little alien face was the cutest thing I have ever seen. We are scanning the pictures tonight, and I will be sure to post them as soon as they are loaded. It is so cute because in one the baby looks as though he is throwing up the peace sign with two of his little fingers. It is so awesome to be able to call him he now instead of it. However, I have to say that knowing what the baby is just makes me want to go shopping!! This weekend my grandmother came in town and we went to Babies R Us. We actually purchased a few boy outfits just off of my gut feeling. I will post pictures of some of them as well. This has been the most amazing day ever.

I am also happy to report that his stomach and kidneys e functioning properly, he has two eyes, a nose, a mouth, two arms, two legs, fingers and toes and his spine seems to be perfect. I praise God that he is watching over my little baby and forming him day by day.

With that note I will go ahead and announce the name. CALEB MATTHEW CRAIG GARDELLA. Yes, I know it is a very long name. Caleb is a name that I have used my entire life. All of my boy dolls were named Caleb, and Nick just happened to love it just as much. Craig is a middle name passed down on Nick's side of the family and therefore the first son carries it on. After my cousin was in his car accident it made me realize how thankful I am that he is still here. This was a very tramatic time in my pregnancy and I wanted to honor my cousin by using matthew as a middle name (even though he will just laugh at me). Matthew means child of God, and I truly feel like God has had his hand in the timing of my pregnancy, and in blessing Matt's recovery. So yes, my baby will be one with two middle names which I did not think I would ever do. However, every name has meaning and I am so happy to report that Caleb is growing on track and doing wonderfully. I have included pictures of Nick as a baby for your viewing pleasure. I feel as though Caleb will look more like him than me, mainly due to the fact that the Gardella's genes are very dominant.


Blake's Mama said...

Moms are always right! I was buying baseball things for the nursery before we found out that we were having a boy. Congrats on the boy they are so much fun. I thought boys things wouldn't be as fun - they are. Take care and enjoy your sleep!

The Moughamian Addition said...

CONGRATS SARAH on your baby boy! I love the name! Praise God he is a healthy growing baby.

Lea Liz said...

congrats on a sweet baby boy, there is nothing better!!!!