Wednesday, July 15, 2015

VBS, Creeks, One on One Time

This past weekend/week has been great! My mother in law graciously kept the kids for 3 days last weekend, and allowed Nick and I to celebrate our anniversary with a Staycation.  We were able to eat some yummy meals, go out with friends, and go to a pool ALL BY OURSELVES!!!! I was also finally able to use my mothers day giftcard and head to the spa for a much needed massage.  To say that we are grateful is an understatement.  (Note to self, do this for your kids one day). 

This week the kids have been in VBS and they have loved it.  Mckinlee's last day is tomorrow and Caleb's last day is Friday.  I hate that they end on separate days because Mckinlee will be crushed, but it has been a great week.  During VBS I have taken advantage of having some one on one time with P.  After the gym on Monday I took him to the park, and then we went down to the creek to play and throw rocks.  He is just growing up so fast.  Everyday he is understanding more, and acting more and more like a toddler.  Time, you are so fleeting. 


I surprised the kids with a picnic at the park today after VBS, and then we all headed down to the creek to mark of a "must do" on our Summer Bucket List.  It has rained almost all summer, so I figured we needed to take advantage of the sunshine. 

We went swimming before gymnastics tonight and Mckinlee learned to swim!! It finally clicked with her, and she was swimming under water by the time we left!! I am so proud of her!

It has been a great week! Now here is to praying the rain stays away.


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